What is JUAN?


  • JUAN plays a broad base of Spanish Adult Hits
  • Focused on the '80s, '90s, 2000s and Today
  • Core Library of 1,000 titles
  • Since JUAN plays what he wants, JUAN doesn't need DJs
  • Fewer Commercials
  • Low Clutter
  • JUAN is a very community and family-focused 

Target Audience

  • 25-54 year olds, with a 35-49 center
  • 50% Females / 50% Males


  • Migrating clocks with a mix based on category and strength of songs
  • Maximum 5 units per stopset

Promotions and Marketing

  • Juan's immediate family is his street team which instantly allows the station opportunities to execute remotes, live broadcasts, and giveaways.

JUAN West Coast or JUAN West Coast

The JUAN format has two available format variations:

  • JUAN - West Coast: Spanish Adult Hits leaning more into the Regional Mexican music library.
  • JUAN - East Coast: Spanish Adult Hits leaning more into the Tropical music library.

Both formats are Spanish Adult Hits, but with a bit of a different music mix. 

JUAN - Independent

The JUAN format can be specifically designed for your market needs. We can help you program an independently programmed JUAN.

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