What is JUAN?


  • JUAN plays a broad base of Spanish Adult Hits
  • Focused on the '80s, '90s, 2000s and Today
  • Core Library of 1,000 titles
  • Since JUAN plays what he wants, JUAN doesn't need DJs
  • Fewer Commercials
  • Low Clutter
  • JUAN is a very community and family-focused 

Target Audience

  • 25-54 year olds, with a 35-49 center
  • 50% Females / 50% Males


  • Migrating clocks with a mix based on category and strength of songs
  • Maximum 5 units per stopset

Promotions and Marketing

  • Juan's immediate family is his street team which instantly allows the station opportunities to execute remotes, live broadcasts, and giveaways