Why Juan?


The Hispanic Market:

$1.5 trillion.  

That is the buying power of the Hispanic consumer – the largest minority market in the U.S.  According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth, this group’s economic clout has grown 203% since 2000, which makes it one of the fastest growing consumer markets here in the U.S.  

This group represents nearly 18% of the country’s population. 

Among those categories that Hispanics focus more of their dollars on, according to Scarborough radio reaches Hispanics 18+:

  • Who spent $200+ on groceries in the past week – 92%.
  • Who purchased any children’s, men’s or women’s clothing this past year – 93%.
  • Who plan on purchasing a wireless/cellphone service this year – 92%.
  • Whose household plans to buy a new vehicle or currently has an auto loan – 92%.

According to GfK MRI data, 48% state that radio puts them in a good mood; 45% tune in to radio for relaxation; 40% use radio to stay informed and up to date; 38% tune in for just pure entertainment; and 35% see radio as a way to escape. 


  • Targets the most underserved radio audience
  • Hispanic population has grown 43% in the last decade
  • Complements your other Hispanic station(s) with a music intensive, broad-based Adult Hits partner
  • Perfect entrance into the Hispanic market as a unique and distinctive creation that is easy to execute... yet dynamic, with well-defined differentiation.

Benefits of JUAN

By having the JUAN format programmed and delivered by Synchronicity:

  • You are assured of safe, tasteful, and radio friendly content
  • You are assured that commercial content will be within regulations and the commercials will be timed appropriately.